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kelly mcguill home


After purchasing. neglected property in Southborough, we undertook a (very nearly) whole-house renovation with Kelly McGuill Home, and we simply could not be happier with our experience.

I have a rather particular taste and aesthetic, and from the very first meeting, Kelly got me. I've never had to explain myself so little. She just immediately understood what I wanted, and, truly, the process of bringing our house to life with her was an absolute pleasure. While I would occasionally have a specific idea of what aI wanted for a space here or there, I loved being able to confidently default to Kelly's impeccable taste and incredible capacity for holding a clear vision for the entire project. Our home is now coherent, functional, fresh, and timeless - the weary house we bought now feels like a place of welcome. It's not only beautiful now, it feels like *ours*.

To praise the many and wonderful subcontractors who spent weeks on end at our house is also to praise KMH. Each and every sub and crew member we spent the days with here were such artisans and professionals themselves. The clear mutual respect and admiration shared between Kelly and her extended crews has left such a positive imprint on our home. To this day, even our toddler still asks about when Gabby's coming back or how nice it is now that Brian has fixed our doors.

Our house presented with a few challenges along the way, but even tackling problems with Kelly and her team was a joy. Every step of the way, things were done right and done beautifully. We are so pleased with the results, that we will be seeking help from Kelly for any and all of our future renovation and design needs. We absolutely love our Kelly McGuill home and we can't wait to work with her again.


EXCELLENCE. I wish I could give 10 stars. My husband and I decided to raze and build new in Rhode Island on the water. After having built one small house from the ground up, I knew that I wanted our forever home to have the expert polish that I couldn't deliver on my own. We broke ground during COVID and many architects were already overbooked. We hired a draftsperson who was able to supply plans, but hand-drawn only. Thanks goodness we were able to secure Kelly and Gabby's help because those plans were not great. I can honestly say that if I hadn't had help from KMH at that point, I would have been very underwhelmed by the outcome of the house. Kelly and Gabby were able to advise and re-draw rooms/floors/walls/built ins; and they aren't architects, mind you! They have the experience and knowledge and eye to correct it all and make the end product SO MUCH BETTER! Beyond the building plans, their attention to detail when it came to design was extraordinary. Kelly and Gabby often visited the site, took measurements and then presented design ideas for everything from palette to finishes. From the start, I was intrigued by Kelly's design eye, but her team's professionalism and organization are equally impressive. I am so looking forward to the photoshoot because they deserve to show off this house!


Kelly and her team of designers are amazing. We recently had her work with us on a small kitchen addition and remodel. Her work ethic is amazing with concierge level support. She listens to her client and merges their ideas with her knowledge of what will look wonderful and she is always spot on. She is professional, supportive, efficient and stays on the job in a meaningful way until the client is satisfied. Kelly gives far more than ideas and I would recommend KMH to anyone who wants to transform everyday into magazine quality and still have a home that calls out for being lived in. You will be lucky to work with KMH.

Kelly McGuill Home


We just finished a renovation of our cape house kitchen and bedroom with KHM. From our first meeting with Kelly we were immediately comfortable and at ease with her. We didn’t even look at another designer because we were impressed with her work after reviewing the KHM website and after meeting with her the first time she understood the look we were after. Kelly’s associates Gabby and Rhea were incredibly helpful with detailed work including the budget, various measurements for cabinets and the kitchen island and especially the right kitchen handles and knobs (seems like a small item but we absolutely love them). Our project included the removal of over 1,000 square feet of old tile and replacement with new engineered wood flooring. The work was all done by Kelly’s expert floor man Mark and he did an amazing job. Additionally, we replaced all our kitchen cabinets, installed counter tops, tile backsplash along with new kitchen windows. All along the way Kelly was engaged with the sub-contractors and communicated everything to us regarding timing, specifications, paint colors, kitchen fixtures and appliances. Our experience was incredibly positive and the disruptions minimal and most importantly we ended up with a beautiful new kitchen that is bright, breezy and welcoming. From the time we met with Kelly in December and the work commenced in February it was completed by the end of March just as she had described, which was amazing right in the middle of a pandemic!  We would enthusiastically recommend KMH and would absolutely use them again for any future renovations.

Kelly McGuill Home

CLIENT,  2019

“We could not be more thrilled with the amazing work Kelly McGuill and her company did for us!  We asked them to create two bathrooms from our one very large upstairs bathroom, design a new living room for us and help us to rework the outside front of our house.  From the very beginning we felt that they listened to our ideas and style and then added beautifully to it in a way we never could have done on our own.  Working with Kelly and all who work with and for her was nothing short of easy and enjoyable.  We knew that we would love Kelly's design as we had loved the work we saw on her website, and the end product was even more than we could have asked for.  Our project was relatively small compared to some of the work by her firm, but we always felt that ours  mattered and was just as important."


We just completed a kitchen and master bedroom/bathroom renovation with KMH. Our kitchen project was deemed structurally challenging by many different professionals.  When we met with Kelly, she knew exactly what we wanted.  She had the vision and expertise to accomplish what we had hoped for.  She connected us to a builder, who we also had a great experience with.  Kelly helped with every step of our process. She kept the projects moving forward with ease during the uncertainty of covid.  Aside from loving every single inspiration idea that Kelly showed us, we loved her.  She is one of those people that you feel you have known for years.  She's funny and kind, and makes the building process enjoyable. We also want to mention Gabby and Rhea, who work for Kelly, as they are awesome and also added considerable value to our project.  In the end, we have a kitchen and dining room that function as amazing entertaining spaces, and also provides an intimate dining area that we use all the time. Our master bedroom and bathroom feel like relaxing retreats.  We look forward to our next project with KMH, as there will surely be one.  


It has been a little over a week since you came like elves and made my family room the perfect room for our family.  Since then, I've hosted 2 sets of houseguests (8 people over 5 days!), and tonight I hosted a party for 60 folks from work.  We've also had a few cozy nights watching TV, we have adopted the (SUPER comfortable as promised) spool chairs as our new favorite morning coffee spot.  I can't tell you how much of a hit this room is with everyone who has enjoyed it.  The new flow of the room is so much better.  It easily accommodated the 60 people who came this afternoon, and people could mingle, in and out of the kitchen and porch area easily.  My husband (who I need to tell you was SKEPTICAL of this whole idea) is a HUGE fan of each of the pieces and loves the sofa and soft lighting of the lamps.  


Working with your team was a pleasure.  You were so patient with me in choosing art and agonizing over choosing the sofa without an example to see and sit on. Your attention to detail is admirable.  Your eye for design is impeccable.  


Kelly and her team are amazing! We recently hired Kelly to decorate and furnish our new home.  We wanted a  contemporary warm feeling and Kelly worked hard to make that happen.  She asked all the right questions to understand the look we wanted and pushed us to think a little outside our comfort zone on furniture, art and furnishings.  Our home has turned out beautifully! Kelly and her team are very talented. 


She and her team were always friendly , kind and accommodating. They gave the right amount of advice on the vision she had for our home. No detail was overlooked and communication was a priority throughout the process. Every outside contractor she suggested was professional and did a great job.  The KMH team were a  delight to work with!

Kelly McGuill Home


We hired Kelly to help with decorating and some furnishing of our Living, Dining, Entry, and Master Bedroom, and some remodeling/decorating of our Kitchen, and are so glad we did. Not only is she incredibly talented and has a great eye, but also listens to what you want, and delivers. She's not pushy at all - she gives you options, and lets you chose. She has great relationships with really talented contractors who do immaculate work. The end result is a space that is not only beautiful, but also feels like your own. On top of that, Kelly truly is a pleasure to work with. She immediately put us at ease and honestly made the process fun. She is warm and kind, but also super funny and energetic. Ultimately, Kelly and her team just want you to be happy and to love your home, and will do whatever it takes to ensure that you do. If you're looking to get some help making your house your home, and want a clean, simple, beautiful look - do yourself a huge favor and hire Kelly and her incredible team. You will be so happy that you did.


I couldn't be more pleased with the work Kelly did for us. She flawlessly married our wants and needs with her impeccable taste.  She worked with us on a house addition and was able to help us from the very beginning stages through to the finishing touches.  She is professional, reliable, and easy to work with.

NANCY, SPRING 2014 - Present

After seeing some of Kelly’s work I was convinced that she was the designer to transform our home from a dated kitchen and living area to a bright, crisp and creative space that allowed light and happiness to easily flow within the newly designed space.  Wow, what a transformation we have today due to Kelly’s unwavering dedication and hard work on our project.  Kelly’s expertise was instrumental during every step—pre planning, design, construction, and putting the finishing touches on the final presentation of our space.  She is a true expert at what she does and delivers that expertise with unbelievable patience and grace.  There is no designer that I would rather work with than Kelly.  She listened and worked hard to understand what we wanted and needed.  She introduced new ideas and gently pushed me to take some risks that were instrumental in making our space go from basic to spectacular—folding floor to ceiling doors to divide a room that I was reluctant to open up; oversized light fixture to accent the dining room area; and a mud room storage design to hide clutter and coats from view… just to name a few examples.  Besides her input on the big design choices her attention to the small design details such as recess lighting, door knobs, trim, etc. were also critical in making it an amazing functional and beautiful space.  We could not be happier with the large project she completed on our behalf—kitchen, dining room, den extension and mudroom addition.  The project lasted over a year and every step of the way she was so patient and responsive to our needs.  Sometimes that involved running over to our construction site on a moment’s notice to make a decision with the contractor.   Kelly is passionate with what she does and cares about the customer like no other designer.  I truly believe that her main mission on our project design was our happiness with the overall project.  Happy we are as she created something beautiful that I could have never done on my own.  I cannot say enough about her talent and kindness.  It was a joy working with her and seeing how she transformed our living space beyond what we could imagine. We loved working with Kelly and our entire family loves the space she created for us.  Forever grateful for her talent! Though we miss seeing Kelly, the wonderful sun light that now flows in from the many windows and window paned doors to freely dance across our happy and beautiful space reminds me of Kelly and the happy bright light she brought with every visit!

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