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Meet the KMH Team!


Interior Designer & Founder of KMH

Background: Kelly discovered her passion for interior decorating at a young age. She joined the field in 1996 through styling and creative direction for companies, inns and furniture stores. She officially opened KMH in 2009! With Kelly, you can be confident you will leave with a timeless, and sophisticated space carefully curated for you.

Hobbies and Interests: When she is not working, you can find Kelly walking her Golden Retriever Winnie, spending time with her two wonderful sons, or enjoying the beautiful landscape of Cape Cod where she lives.

Favorite Interior Styling Tool: Kelly has so many favorite accessories that she uses in her own home and the homes of clients. Like Rhea, bowls of all sizes and material are a go to. She's also a big fan of vintage rugs, especially Kilim and Moroccan. She finds these up at antique shows, flea markets and thru Etsy. Kelly uses them to layer on a sofa or even on top of other rugs. They can also be used as throws or tablecloths! They really are a brilliant.


Interior Designer/Project Manager

Background: Gabby joined the design field in 2011, and began working for Kelly Mcguill Home in 2013. For as long as she can remember, Gabby has loved the puzzle solving that goes along with the world of interior design. She has a knack for visualizing renovations when walking into a new project, before even putting pen to paper.

Hobbies and Interests: Gabby loves spending time with her husband and her dog Otis!

Favorite Interior Styling Tool: Hardcover books! Whether they're spread on a coffee table, or stacked on a bookshelf Gabby absolutely loves what they add. You can also use books for a pop of color which is always fun!


Interior Designer/Project Manager

Background: Rhea found her way to Kelly Mcguill Home in 2017. It became apparent that she was meant for the world of design and quickly worked her way to full time designer. Whether it’s pulling materials together for clients, creating a mood board for a new project, or visualizing layout possibilities, Rhea enjoys tapping into her creative side to help KMH run smoothly.

Hobbies and Interests: The designing never stops in Rhea’s world! When she’s not at KMH, she and her fiancé are renovating their new home.

Favorite Interior Styling Tool: For Rhea, wooden bowls are essential! In every room, but especially in the kitchen, they give a rustic warm feel. One of the best parts is you can play around with sizes. Big or small, fill them with a colorful fruit and you can't go wrong!


Social Media Manager & Design Assistant

Background: Kiley joined the team in the summer of 2021. Given that KMH has been growing quickly in the last few years, Kiley came on as an extra set of hands to help around the office as well as take over our social media! With a background in Customer Service, Kiley’s passion lies in client, sub-contractor, and colleague interaction.

Hobbies and Interests: When Kiley is not in the office or working our social, you can find her in the kitchen testing out new recipes! She loves to cook, especially pasta, and share meals with family and friends.

Favorite Interior Styling Tool: Kiley can't get enough of the classic bread boards! They look amazing on their own, or layered against a wall or ledge. They make it easy for her to throw together an impromptu cheese plate!


KMH Bookkeeper

Background: Julie is our brilliant bookkeeper, and long time friend! She officially joined the KMH team in January of 2018. She keeps us grounded, and on track to hit our goals. Her consistency and meticulous work ethic make her an incredible asset to our firm.

Hobbies and Interests: In her spare time she raises two incredible teenagers, as well as a menagerie of rescue animals. You can find her at the beach or exploring Boston when she’s not at work!

Favorite Interior Styling Tool: Julie is also a big fan of nature, and loves to decorate her home with abandoned birds nests! Whenever she knows it's of no use anymore, she will bring the nest inside and decorate her foyer or shelves in her house.

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