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Sending off Summer

A couple weeks ago, we officially said goodbye to summer. The past few days in New England have been hinting at a chilly fall and winter to come. With cozy fall days ahead, we want to quickly look back at some of our summer favorites that we will be carrying into fall.

Our classic fresh florals and fruit are transitioning into crisp apples and autumnal colors. While staying true to our KMH identity, we make this seasonal swap to embrace the change in weather.

We celebrate white walls, but during the colder seasons we appreciate our moody spaces a bit more!

As fellow New Englanders close up their vacation homes, we can't help but want to curl up in front of this fireplace. This space in our Cape Cod project makes the transition from summer to fall a little bit smoother.

A clear indicator of a new season is in the entryway. Flip flops are exchanged for boots while sweaters and jackets are filled in.

Are you ready for colder weather? Here at KMH we are excited for new projects and holidays spent in beautiful homes.

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