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Our Trip to High Point Market

We recently returned from one of our favorite trips of the year! Each year we make our way down to North Carolina for High Point Market. At HPM, we get to explore showrooms of brands we love and shop from throughout the year.

The KMH team spent two packed full days at HPM and want to share what caught our eye!

A must see for our team when attending HPM is the antique mall. We could (and did!) spend hours exploring all the vintage furniture. Furniture we found was sourced from all over Europe dating back to hundreds of years ago... that's where a lot of the good finds are! Pictured above is a group of antique wooden boards. They stopped us in our tracks as an option for unique styling pieces when we finish projects.

Along with sourcing furniture and styling pieces for our clients, we love to see pieces that tell a story. This work bench was so interesting to see!

A favorite stop of ours was Virellen. Here are a few images from their beautiful showroom in High Point.

An important task for us when taking the trip to North Carolina, is to see rugs in person. We enjoy exploring the different showrooms to take note of rugs we think are beautiful and good quality for our clients.

We took many photos and grabbed a few beautiful antiques while at High Point. Be sure to have your eye out on our Instagram for pieces we might have sourced from our trip!

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