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How We Prepare for a Photoshoot!

We have a lot of fun photoshoots coming up at KMH! We think it is the perfect time to share a little bit about how we prepare for long photoshoot days. Photoshoot days are long but very rewarding seeing all of the teams hard work come to fruition!

  • One of the first things we do to prepare for a photoshoot is gather all of our styling pieces. If you’ve been following KMH for some time, you know some of our favorite things to style with are antique bread boards and books. At KMH, we have a whole library of coffee table books we choose from. If you are curating a space in your own home, look for coffee table books that hold meaning in your life. Books can come from your favorite travel spot, your home town or even just a book you love the cover art of!

  • As we put together all of our styling pieces we also consider florals for the photoshoot. Usually, on the day of the shoot we take a trip to our local flower market. There we collect bouquets to use around the home we’ve designed. This is one of our favorite parts! Using florals in photoshoots adds a lot of bright and lively energy to photos.

  • One of the less aesthetically pleasing tasks is creating a timeline to keep everyone on the same page. We use a shared calendar that allows us to add or remove tasks and it also can send each person notifications leading up to the big day!

This short list highlights some of the key tasks we complete to have a smooth photoshoot day! We hoped you’ve enjoyed this read and we can’t wait to share the new content coming! While we are cutting florals, styling books and straightening photo frames, keep your eye on our Instagram page for new images! Talk soon!!

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