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Our Favorite Clients

Secrets out! We actually do have a favorite client… it’s your pet! Our clients pets are usually our first hello when walking into a project. We love to be greeted by them when dropping off samples or arriving to an install. Remember the famous question growing up, “who’s your favorite?” Well, at KMH we’ll tell you our favorite client in a heartbeat… Meet some of the pets we love down below!

Say hello to…

Fenway, he is keeping guard of one of our favorite projects. Usually, you’ll find Fenway in the front yard, on neighborhood watch!

This is Anita, a Great Pyrenees and Lilly, a Bernese Mountain Dog! These sweet pups are best friends and love to snuggle each other!

Meet Winnie! Winnie is Kelly’s dog, often referred to as Winnie the Pip!

This is Otis! Sweet Otis is a Boxer and belongs to our designer Gabby!

Meet Arby! Designer Rhea recently adopted Arby. You’ll often see Arby through our office windows!

This is Willa! She is a border terrier that belongs to our newest team member, Nicole! Willa is very mischievous and introverted.

Thank you for reading all about the adorable pets of our clients and KMH! We hope this post put a smile on your face. Keep up with our Instagram page to see the most up to date content by Kelly McGuill Home.

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