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Our Most Used White Paint Colors

It's an easy answer, our favorite color is white. We don't think our answer is a shock to most, but let us explain why white paint is our go to!

In our office, we have many different paint samples. Time and time again we reach for our KMH classics.

First on our list is Decorator White by Benjamin Moore, its soft, creamy tones are timeless in our opinion. As seen in many of our projects, this white truly lets our designs shine.

Here are our favorite examples of Decorator White in some most recent projects!

A close second is Super White by Benjamin Moore.

Pictured here in our Laconia lake house project, Super White adds a bright, crisp and clean backdrop for beautiful design.

Super White is also the color of our office!

Some additional favorites of ours are...

Can you see the slight differences? Scroll through our Instagram to see if you can call out which white paints were used in each project!

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12. Sept. 2022

I love EVERYTHING about KMH.❤️❤️❤️

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