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Welcome to KMH!

Hello and welcome to the Kelly Mcguill Home Blog! This will be a place for us to share a peek behind the curtain into our day to day in the world of design.

For those of you aren’t familiar with KMH, we are a Design Build and Interior Design firm specializing in clean, sophisticated, and timeless designs. We’re a group of amazing (if we don’t say so ourselves) women who love what we do.

It’s been an intense and at times challenging couple of years, not just for us and the design industry, but for everyone. As we navigate this changing new world, we recognize the importance of connection.

Our passion is design, and we are so excited to connect with this community and share that passion.

Much more to come….


Kelly Mcguill and the KMH Team


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1 commentaire

Susan Farrington
Susan Farrington
25 sept. 2021

Wonderful! Can't wait to see more!

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